Change your Wardrobe with Poshmark!

If you haven’t heard of Poshmark before, it is an app that you can use to sell your clothing, purses, and shoes as well as buy gently used items… and it’s amazing!! Talk about an easy way to rid of unwanted clothes and make some money or find an awesome deal on something new! We both have been using Poshmark and have found the process to be super simple and reliable. Sweetness has actually been selling on Poshmark for a couple of years now and has made over $1,200! It is a great way to really spring clean your closet and make a change to your wardrobe, whether you are buying or selling!

Posh2If you are interested in selling your items, we broke down the process below:

Step 1: Clean out your closet! Get rid of those items you no longer wear or are in love with anymore because we’re sure someone else will love it! We like to go with the 1 year rule, if it’s been a year since it’s been worn, then rid of it… it’s time for a change!


Step 2: Take pictures of your items. We both like to take pictures that not only make the item look desirable, but also shows all aspects of the item. Take far away pictures, close ups, pictures on the inside and tags, and if you can – take pictures of you wearing it! When you shop online you often like to see what the item looks like on the model so this is the same concept!


Step 3: Create your Poshmark account and upload the pictures of the items to your closet. Poshmark gives you a profile or “closet” as they call it where all of your items can be seen. Just create the new listing, describe the item and viola! But be sure to be honest about your products. If there is any sort of defect, you MUST indicate it and show it in the pictures. Though the shoppers know these are used items, you don’t want them to receive any surprises!


Step 4: Once an item of yours sells, it’s time to package it up and ship it out. Poshmark will email you a shipping label, you just have to provide the packaging. We use the priority mail envelopes from USPS. The envelopes are free and we like to stock up on them. We then just tape the shipping label to the envelope and put it in our mailbox for the postal man. It’s so easy! 

Step 5: Help the community out! You have the ability to share other Posher’s items with your followers and they will share your items in return! It’s basically like reposting something on social media and it will help you gain more exposure and reach more buyers!

As Poshmark says, Happy Poshing!

Find us on Poshmark @swilkes and @sasssays ❤


Xo Sass and Sweetness

Being Weird with Your Friends

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IMG_1198Does this post describe us or does it describe us!?! If we had to pick one trait that describes our friendship, we think we would both choose weird haha! We have been friends since birth (literally though – you can read more about it here) so that allows for us to completely be ourselves with one another. We can be having a perfectly normal conversation and then it somehow breaks out into a song about the topic we are discussing. We can talk in our “British” accents to each other like it is completely normal and suddenly speaking in our normal voices to one another is… not normal lol. We think that being weird with your friends is rad and it allows you to be the best version of yourself!

So being weird with friends means you are literally being yourself with no judgement… like at all. You can do the strangest things and make each other laugh so hard that if you actually pee your pants. And if you do pee your pants, your friend would laugh even harder. You should be able to do and say whatever comes to mind even if it’s ridiculous, I’m sure you friends will find it hilariously funny! Being weird is where inside jokes and great memories come from.

In addition to the weirdness, you should also be able to look like a movie star or look like complete crap and your friends won’t care. They will accept you with no makeup, circles under your eyes, and greasy hair. They won’t get jealous either if you are all glammed up and look like a complete bombshell. They just accept you for you, weirdness and all.

We are weird, we hope that you are weird and maybe one day, we can all be weird friends together! What are some weird things you do with your friends? We would love to hear your funny stories and we hope you enjoyed our weirdest photos!!

Xo Sass and Sweetness

5 Reasons Why You Should Travel with Friends

Traveling with friends seems like a no brainer. It’s a chance to get away and just have a good time with your closest peeps! We feel pretty lucky to have had the opportunity to travel with our friends to a variety of different places. We’ve been around the US and even out of the country and have learned A LOT about each other during our travels. For the most part we have always had positive experiences and have grown a lot closer to each other. We feel that to maintain a great relationship with your friends and to create even greater memories, you should definitely travel with them and here’s why!

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  1. You’ll have the ultimate bonding experience

Like duhhh but it’s true. There’s nothing like bonding with your friends when you are forced to be with them 24/7. You are doing the same activities, eating meals, and feeling exhausted and grumpy together, as well as showering, changing, and going to the bathroom all in the same tiny hotel room. And since you are sleeping the same room, you will most likely end up laying in bed and talking for a million hours before you actually go to sleep. We’ve had some of the most meaningful and deep conversations this way and are so grateful for these types of experiences!

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  1. You will learn each other’s routines

As stated before you are with these people pretty much the whole vacation. It allows for you to get a good understanding of their morning and evening routines and even understand some of their personal habits. You will see them at their worst (no makeup, dirty hair, maybe hung over) but also at their very best (in awe of a sight or glammed up ready to go out)! You might even get some inspo from your friends based on their own routine and products that they use. For example – traveling with Sass quickly taught all of us that she is definitely not a morning person and we all learned that Sweetness has this crazy night time routine that requires removing her makeup no matter the time or intoxication level.


  1. You’ll get comfortable… real fast

So there’s a lot of things that happen on the regular that as friends we don’t see all the time. However, when we are traveling, some things just can’t be avoided. Like pooping. Yes, girls poop and when they are all staying together over a long period of time, you end up having to poop in the same bathroom. You can either be discreet and try to hide it (minus the smell) or you just announce you are pooping and understand that at some point, everyone else will too. Also changing in front of each other brings a whole other comfort level like never before. Whether you are able to strip down in front of everyone or you go into the bathroom to get changed, there’s going to be some point in the trip where you are getting somewhat naked in front of your friends.

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  1. You might have a scuffle!

If you are like us and have never really fought with your friends before, be prepared because when you travel together, things can take a different turn. Not saying that you will get in a full blown argument, however you will realize that everyone will have different opinions on what they want to do and how much money they want to spend. We recommend figuring this out before you actually go away so everyone can be on the same page, however be prepared that there could be a small disagreement. There will be times when you have to make some sacrifices, but your friend might make them for you as well so it’s important to understand that!

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  1. You’ll learn how to share again!

Now as adults we rarely have to share our belongings with other people like we did when we were in high school and college. When you travel though, we can guarantee you one of your friends will ask to use something of yours! Whether it’s using your hairspray or borrowing an entire outfit, be prepared to share! Sharing is caring 😉 Butttt what if you don’t want to share the item your friend is asking about? Well that leaves you in a tough spot, however if you will be with your friend during their borrowing time, at least you can keep an eye on your item!

Have you traveled with your friends? Share where you went and a highlight from your trip below!

Xo Sass and Sweetness 

5 Fun Things to do with your Friends

Do you find that you and your friends often fall into the same habits of going to the same bar, the same restaurant, in the same town, and at the same time? Because we are soooo guilty of this, we thought it would be a good idea to put together some unique, but still fun ideas to do with your friends! And though we are firm believers that being regimented is a good thing, when it comes to fun, it shouldn’t just become a habit… it should be adventurous!

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  1. Find a pop up event

We recently went to The Rosé Mansion in NYC, which is a pop up wine tasting. The event is only in the city from June-October and we wanted to take advantage of something unique! We got to try 8 different rosés from around the world in a wine tasting type setting, however each room that we went into was a fun, colorful representation of where that wine was from. We were our typical awkward selves posing for pictures taken by random people, but we definitely got some good laughs and kept saying in our heads that we will never see these people again eekk. So we encourage you to get a group together and find a pop up near you!

  1. Goat Yoga

Because taking a regular yoga class isn’t that cool right?! Lol just kidding but Goat Yoga allows for a whole different experience. If you haven’t done it, it is basically a bunch of baby goats that jump on your back and try to eat your yoga pants while you are in downward dog. Okay we know Lululemons are expensive but it’s easy to use the goats as an excuse for why your plank is slanted. At least the goats are cute and furry and it’s a great time to get in some laughs and take selfies with your friends. So find the nearest farm and bond over yoga and goats. We zen mother f’ers!

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  1. Winery Picnic

There is a winery in our area, okay well it’s an uber drive away, that has live music and a food truck. You are also able to pack your own food and can purchase bottles (x3) of their wine right there. Instead of going to a bar, it is a fun way to be outdoors and pack a picnic of your favorite food with your friends. And you know we love wine so it sounds like a win win situation to us! So get your basket and your most basic bitch fall outfits ready and uber to a winery near you.

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  1. Girls Night In

Does anyone do this anymore? Is it weird to go over your friend’s house and just hang out like we did when we were in high school? Well we are bringing it back bitches and making the most pinterest filled girls night your eyes have ever seen. A popcorn bar sounded like a good time so we put together some cute baskets and displayed toppings to add to your popcorn. We also created our own wine glass charms and made it feel like the real move experience with popcorn boxes. And what movie did we watch? A classic – Now and Then. It was the perfect representation of our childhood and life now, so seemed appropriate. Also our friends wouldn’t let us watch The Sound of Music … those bitches. Oh and did we forget the best part? We dressed in our PJ’s and drank wine. Does it get better than that? So organize a Girl’s NIght In and get wild, pillow fights are encouraged.

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5. Sports Event

Who said going to a sports game is a male only event?! We recently attended the FedEx Cup, which is part of the PGA Tour. It was the two of us and two of our other girlfriends. We honestly did not know what to expect because none of us have been to a golf outing before, but let us tell you – it was soooo much fun!  There were drink and food tents everywhere and big name brands were sponsoring the event. They even had a Kendra Scott section where you could play a game and Sass won a bracelet! It was a hot day, however we stayed cool inside the MasterCard tent and pretended to know what was happening during the golf game. Even if you aren’t a big sports fan, we recommended getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new!

What are some fun things that you do with your friends? We would love to hear your ideas so comment below!!
Xo Sass and Sweetness

Our Favorite Henri Bendel Travel Accessories

henri 4

Henri 3If you’ve read any of our traveling/packing posts (here and here), you know that we are both extremely organized when it comes to preparing and packing! We always have everything ready ahead of time and everything has its own spot. So what do we use when we travel to keep us organized? Henri Bendel Travel Accessories!

Seriously these are the best travel accessories of all time and we keep going back for more! Not only do they just look cute; they are practical, stackable, durable and have a compartment for everything under the sun! We are sharing some of our favorites below that we use all the time and promise that they are worth the splurge!

Henri 5

Jewelry – Centennial Stripe Small Travel Jewelry Case (here)
Traveling with jewelry can sometimes be scary. You don’t want your expensive items to get lost and you definitely don’t want necklaces getting tangled or the backs of your earrings ending up at the bottom of your suitcase. This jewelry travel case has been in a lifesaver as it allows for all types of jewelry – rings, earrings, necklaces; however it is durable and tiny!

Henri 1

Makeup – Henri Bendel Packable Trio (here)
This is a MUST! It comes with 3 cases in one (amazing deal!) but the packables are different sizes and can have multiple uses. We use the medium size for our makeup when traveling and the smaller one for our makeup brushes. The largest case allows us to put any bigger items like sunscreen, hairspray, perfume, etc that might not fit in our toiletries case.

Also, the material is flexible so you can shove it between shoes and clothes and can wipe off any makeup that might stain! They are also so easy to grab on the go such as the beach or gym!

Henri 2

Toiletries – Large Hanging Weekender Bag (here)
We always had trouble finding the right toiletry case until we came across this one! Most of the past ones we used never had enough room for everything or took up too much space in our suitcase. Our favorite part of this bag is that it zips both sides securely closed to make it compact. There are also two compartments on each side to put all of your items in. We organize it by putting hair products on one side and all of our face creams on the other. There is even a smaller pouch for items like contact cases or your toothbrush!

Oh and did we mention that you can hang this just about anywhere?! When you get to your hotel room you can hang it on the door or towel bar to make it easily accessible but also so it’s not taking up all the counter space. Genius!

What are some of your favorite travel accessories?!

Our Perfect Staycation with Crane & Canopy

What does the perfect staycation mean to you? It might be time spent alone, relaxing with a good book or inviting some family and friends over for a fun BBQ! We are sharing what our perfect staycation looks like, which includes time with friends, and of course food and drinks!

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To make it feel like we were at some tropical resort and not in our own backyard, we set up this beautiful table scape with drinks and refreshing fruit. Can someone say #pinterestgoals ?! We set the table with some decorations we had laying around the house and made a refreshing frosé drink to help us keep cool in this sweltering heat! The recipe for our drink by Bon Appetit can be found here. We then added a tray of fruit and macaroons (yum!) so our friends had something to snack on. Flowers completed the table to add pops of color and we even added petals to the ice bucket, which looked so cute!

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One item we couldn’t forget was our Crane and Canopy Fouta towels (here). They are 100% Turkish Cotton and feel sooo soft. They also absorb water quickly (which was much needed on this hot day!) and the best part is they matched our color scheme perfectly! Relaxing in the backyard and catching up with friends over drinks and food was the perfect staycation for us. We were able to kick our feet up and not worry about having to go anywhere!

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As the sun went down and it was time to get ready for bed, we made sure that the guest bed was perfectly made with Crane and Canopy’s Mirabel duvet cover (here) and that they had fresh bath towels to use. The Fouta towels have so many uses and the bath towel even has a cotton loop to hang up and dry properly. How great is that?! But just like any other vacation, staycations must unfortunately come to an end. We are feeling recharged and less stressed that we didn’t have to travel far and we were able to still have an amazing time!

This was a collaborative with Crane & Canopy. All opinions and thoughts expressed here are our own.


Fourth of July Fashion

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Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetHow to be patriotic and still look stylish

The 4th of July is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking of what to wear for your beach getaway and BBQ’s! Of course wearing some sort of red, white, and blue feels like the right thing to do during this time, but hey, we still want to look cute and stylish! We’ve rounded up some ideas to still stay patriotic but not look like a walking American flag.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetWear White – Add in Red or Blue Accessories

An easy way to incorporate red, white, and blue without going overboard is to start with the neutral white. Wear a white dress or white jeans and top – then add in your accessories! Blue earrings, a red bag… go crazy! Well not too crazy!
Shorts: Flying Monkey White Distressed Shorts
Dress: Lulus Polka Dot Wrap Dress (similar) Lulus Wrap Dress

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetJeans are still blue ya know!

Yeah it’s summer and jeans might not be at the top of your list, but jean shorts or even a denim skirt will work too! Use denim as your BLUE then incorporate a red or white top. It doesn’t get more American than denim!
Tank: (similar) – 
Eyelet Tank
Topshop Fray Hem Shorts

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetTie an American Flag bandana in your hair, call it a day

If you are planning to be in your bathing suit all day and don’t have an American Flag print suit handy – tie a bandana in your hair! There are so many American Flag print bandanas that you can get at your local store. Throw your hair in a ponytail or even a messy bun and tie the bandana around your hair tie. Easy breezy and still so American.