5 Fun Things to do with your Friends

Do you find that you and your friends often fall into the same habits of going to the same bar, the same restaurant, in the same town, and at the same time? Because we are soooo guilty of this, we thought it would be a good idea to put together some unique, but still fun ideas to do with your friends! And though we are firm believers that being regimented is a good thing, when it comes to fun, it shouldn’t just become a habit… it should be adventurous!

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  1. Find a pop up event

We recently went to The Rosé Mansion in NYC, which is a pop up wine tasting. The event is only in the city from June-October and we wanted to take advantage of something unique! We got to try 8 different rosés from around the world in a wine tasting type setting, however each room that we went into was a fun, colorful representation of where that wine was from. We were our typical awkward selves posing for pictures taken by random people, but we definitely got some good laughs and kept saying in our heads that we will never see these people again eekk. So we encourage you to get a group together and find a pop up near you!

  1. Goat Yoga

Because taking a regular yoga class isn’t that cool right?! Lol just kidding but Goat Yoga allows for a whole different experience. If you haven’t done it, it is basically a bunch of baby goats that jump on your back and try to eat your yoga pants while you are in downward dog. Okay we know Lululemons are expensive but it’s easy to use the goats as an excuse for why your plank is slanted. At least the goats are cute and furry and it’s a great time to get in some laughs and take selfies with your friends. So find the nearest farm and bond over yoga and goats. We zen mother f’ers!

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  1. Winery Picnic

There is a winery in our area, okay well it’s an uber drive away, that has live music and a food truck. You are also able to pack your own food and can purchase bottles (x3) of their wine right there. Instead of going to a bar, it is a fun way to be outdoors and pack a picnic of your favorite food with your friends. And you know we love wine so it sounds like a win win situation to us! So get your basket and your most basic bitch fall outfits ready and uber to a winery near you.

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  1. Girls Night In

Does anyone do this anymore? Is it weird to go over your friend’s house and just hang out like we did when we were in high school? Well we are bringing it back bitches and making the most pinterest filled girls night your eyes have ever seen. A popcorn bar sounded like a good time so we put together some cute baskets and displayed toppings to add to your popcorn. We also created our own wine glass charms and made it feel like the real move experience with popcorn boxes. And what movie did we watch? A classic – Now and Then. It was the perfect representation of our childhood and life now, so seemed appropriate. Also our friends wouldn’t let us watch The Sound of Music … those bitches. Oh and did we forget the best part? We dressed in our PJ’s and drank wine. Does it get better than that? So organize a Girl’s NIght In and get wild, pillow fights are encouraged.

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5. Sports Event

Who said going to a sports game is a male only event?! We recently attended the FedEx Cup, which is part of the PGA Tour. It was the two of us and two of our other girlfriends. We honestly did not know what to expect because none of us have been to a golf outing before, but let us tell you – it was soooo much fun!  There were drink and food tents everywhere and big name brands were sponsoring the event. They even had a Kendra Scott section where you could play a game and Sass won a bracelet! It was a hot day, however we stayed cool inside the MasterCard tent and pretended to know what was happening during the golf game. Even if you aren’t a big sports fan, we recommended getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new!

What are some fun things that you do with your friends? We would love to hear your ideas so comment below!!
Xo Sass and Sweetness

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