The Different Types of Friends

We are so glad that you are getting to know our friendship. We shared with you our backstory and how our friendship has evolved over the last (nearly) 30 years. We have the type of friendship that at times we would classify as inseparable, at others more of a “cousin” relationship, and one that right now is somewhere in between. We have our own lives but have come together on this blog journey in a way that is different from any other point in our lives. While we could talk about our friendship all day, we want to make sure we talk about the other types of friendships that are out there. Throughout this month we are going to deep dive into many but here’s an overview that we think you will all be able to relate to!

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The Historical Friendship: We have friends today that remain our friends because of a shared history. The bond you create with someone growing up, going through the trials and tribulations is one of the strongest bonds you can create. This friendship is based on the “remember whens” and the “I couldn’t believe we did thats!” If you met this friend today you might even say, “Nah, no thanks, not my type of person” but since the bond was already created it’s not going anywhere!

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The High and Low-Maintenance Friendship: When we say that someone is a high-maintenance friend, what we mean is that this friendship requires a ton of TLC; constant check-ins, long conversations, regular meetups, etc. And while that may sound like any other friendship, the difference is that this friendship wouldn’t survive without it! Some friendships can always pick up where they left off, or go long periods of time without talking and be fine aka the low-maintenance friendships but high-maintenance friendships require constant care. On the flip side, we have some friendships that we would say are almost too low maintenance for their own good! Because we know the friendship is always solid no matter what we are not as prompted to seek it out and often find ourselves missing these friendships!

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The Where We Are Now Friendship: We make friends in various stages of life. When we’re single it’s nice to have other single friends to go out with it and share the dating experiences with. When we get married, it’s nice to have married friends, and when we have a baby, it’s necessary to have mama friends. There are many examples of the “where we are now friendships” but to put it simply, we seek friendships that we can relate to. We want to know that someone else is experiencing something similar and there is great power and comfort in knowing that you are experiencing that something similar at the exact same time. It’s why women who have kids the same age form incredible bonds and why you might become friends with someone who has a significant other in the same or similar profession as yours! (i.e. the spouse of anyone in law enforcement or medicine). And for that matter, why you might befriend others in YOUR same industry, especially those industries that are high-stress or have differing schedules. Bottom line is that we want friendships and people in our lives that make what we’re going through feel normal!

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The Need Something Friendship: At first glance this might seem like a negative friendship but it’s really not! What we mean by this type of friendship is that this friend knows you so well and always has your back so you know when you go to her that she is going to give you exactly what you need at the moment. Sometimes you might need support, other times you might need a kick in the ass, or maybe you just need a good laugh. Whatever you need, he or she knows what it is and is happy to oblige. Just remember to return the favor!

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The Let’s Get Wasted Friendship: As we get older this friend may become less necessary or more necessary depending on how you look at it! Since it seems that we are unable to live life like our previous 22-year old rockstar selves, we are theoretically “partying” much less and therefore the friendship that is based on this behavior may not last or be as necessary. But on the other hand, since life is 10x more stressful than it was at 22, when you just got to go get drunk you NEED this friendship. We may call upon it less often but when we need it, we really need it!

And last but certainly not least, The Social Media Friendship: We all have those “friendships” that are only maintained because of social media. If not for the ability to “like,” “share,” or comment on his or her photo of her cat or new car we probably wouldn’t know much about this person any longer. It’s a blessing and a curse if you ask us! But also through this blog we are learning that it is possible to have strictly “Internet Friendships” that are completely normal, happy, and healthy in a completely anti-Catfish way. We love creating bonds with friends all over the country (and the world for that matter) through social media. DM us, email us, comment at us because we want to be friends with you too!

So, yes, there are a gazillion types of friendships out there and we only touched on a few. But the true beauty of friendship is that for the people in it it works!

Xo Sass and Sweetness

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