Why a Quality Friendship is the Most Important

“My friends have made the story of my life” is such a powerful quote by Helen Keller. We can both agree that this statement could not be more true in soooo many ways. Friends have come in and out of our lives, however for us at least – the most important ones have been there for a long time and are here to stay.


Looking back on our childhood, high school, and college days we can paint a picture of how our friends have impacted us in good and bad ways. How they have made us happy, made us cry and disappointed us; supported us through the toughest of times, and have just been a companion. Between all of those emotions and feelings, there have been friends that were short term, but for us, we remember the long term friends. The ones that you almost don’t even consider a friend, but more family. The ones who know you in and out; who will challenge you and might even drive you crazy, but at the end of the day, they are there for you.


They are there to support you when no one else will. They feel your pain, understand your struggles, but will always make you laugh. Not just HA HA – but legit ground rolling belly laughs, until you almost pee your pants. And it doesn’t matter where you are – whether the floor of someone’s living room or in the middle of a club. You could sit in silence for hours or have the deepest conversation and they will get it. They understand you and they don’t judge you. They will offer the hardest, toughest advice because they know it is for your benefit. They know your worth and what you deserve. They are there for you and you are there for them.

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So what are these friends? These are QUALITY friends. These are the types of friends we choose to have because we value this support, it is like no other. It is different than a sibling or a mother even though the closeness seems the same. We choose these friends because we want them there for life – for the break ups, marriages, babies, deaths and losses. We want them there for the exciting and the tragic and guess what? They WANT to be there. No flakes here please!

So we choose QUALITY over QUANTITY. Because quantity to us seems transactional. It seems drama-filled (dare we say that?). It’s too much to keep up with, too many calls, too many problems, too many events. And everyone has a different role with quantity. There might be the going to dinner friend, the boy drama friend, the mall friend, the gym friend, the get wasted drunk friend, the every other month friend, the once a year friend. AH!!!!

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For us – we know that quality suits us. Why? Mostly because we are quality friends to each other but also because we have found over the years that our quality friends have been the best of our friends. They are every type of friend in one. They provide the best memories, the best support and have no expectations in return. OUR friends have made (and continue to make) the story of our lives.

Xo Sass and Sweetness

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