Our Friendship

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For those who don’t know us – we are Christie and Samantha or Sass and Sweetness! We are besties that grew up together, literally our moms were pregnant at the same time and we are exactly 29 days apart (Sweetness the older one – holla!). Our childhood was ordinary in the sense that we grew up with loving parents, had an abundance of toys, and took gymnastics lessons. What was extraordinary about our childhood was the confidence we had as kids and imaginations that were unlike any other.

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As kids we often went to “Camp Mom-mom and Pop-pop”… which is code for our parents wanted to go out so they would send us to Christie’s grandparents house. There were no ordinary rules here though and we could use our imaginations to the fullest! We built forts with all of the couch cushions, transformed the living room into the Beverly Hills Restaurant with fake food and dining tables, and went to the nearby park to perform shows on the outdoor stage in front of total strangers… all with no shame. We also “ruled” the playground at our Elementary school – walking around like total #girlbosses. If only we could have bottled that confidence up and sprinkled it on us as we got older!

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We were inseparable as kids, until our parents moved to different towns and that relationship started to change. Not in a bad way, but we didn’t see each other every.single.day like we did before. New friendships were made, new experiences were had. Sass went to an all girl’s private high school where Friday nights consisted of PG-13 movies with friends in the basement and Sweetness… let’s just say she had a much different experience. We always “stayed in touch” but our relationship transitioned more into “cousin” type of friends. We saw each other for family events and always picked up where we left off, but weren’t calling each other when there was some drama with a boy or if we wanted to go to the mall.

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As we moved through college and life as of today, our relationship has changed back to what it was before! With so many of our close friends getting married (including Sass), we have been able to get together more often than we were before since we lived in different states. When we both relocated back to NJ and decided to start this blog, our imaginations have sparked again and we are back to our silly, weird old selves.

…Okay well there are some hesitations with that prior statement… because of LIFE and ADULTING ughhhh. We both recently went through some drastic changes – Sass is newly married with a baby and Sweetness is newly single and moved back to NJ from the West Coast. Things have been tough at times, it’s not always the rule the playground type of days we had back in our childhood, however we are pushing to work through it all. We are now there for each other in a different type of way. You won’t see us building forts anymore in the middle of the living room (well if that was acceptable we probably would) but we always have each other’s back no matter the situation. We know this type of friendship is rare and we are incredibly grateful that despite all of the changes we have experienced, we still continue to be the best of friends!

Do you have a friendship similar to this? We would love to hear about it below!

Xo Sass and Sweetness

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