The Best Self Tanners

It’s the first day of summer and the weather in New Jersey has been so on and off, it’s been impossible to get any sort of tan. So it’s time to take these white bodies and make them look like they’ve been on a tropical island for the past week. We’ve used a few different self tanners out there and we are sharing some of our favorites!

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St. Tropez

Ahh sounds relaxing. Except it’s not the island, it’s the self tanner…ugh. Although we’re not currently lying on the beach, we’ve tried the spray and mousse version to get that desired tropical glow.

The spray – it.gets.everywhere. On the rug, walls, the tiny cracks in the tile. Lessons have been learned and we now put a towel down around the areas being sprayed, however it still somehow gets through! Though our tans looked nice, it also made our feet look like they got dipped in a bag of cheetos – not cute.

The mousse – Much better! You have more control and with the glove you are able to spread the tan in those hard to reach places like behind your knees and under your arms. Act quick though! If the mousse starts to dry, it will look a little spotty. We loved the bronzed color we got!

Tea to Tan byTerry

The smell is amazing – it doesn’t smell like self tanner, which we absolutely loved. We really only use this for our faces and chest since it is a spray that almost comes out like perfume. You can either have it matte or shiny, you just have to shake the bottle to get the sparkles flowing around.

We really do like using this for our face, however use sparingly or you might look like you were outside for a little too long…


The OG self tanner. Jergens has been around for awhile now and still continues to be a crowd favorite! It’s great to use all year round and it doesn’t take a lot of drying time. Though they have some formulas that are now instant glow, it does take some time to see color. The smell has also drastically improved and does not smell like self tanner. This is a great product to use to maintain a constant glow.


This is another one of our favorite products to use on our face! We like the color that it gives us and it smells delicious! We put a little bit of this lotion on our faces overnight and wake up looking a little more alive than usual 🙂 Our favorite part? It has no parabens or phthalates and no artificial colors. Any product that makes you look good and is good for you is a winner in our book!

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