Moleskin… The Secret Weapon to No Blisters

We’ve all heard the expression “beauty is pain” and when it comes to wearing heels, that expression could not be more true. Whether it is a night out with the girls or a wedding; wearing heels for long periods of time, especially when you are dancing and grooving, can be straight up painful.

So let’s bring in the moleskin! What is moleskin you ask? It is a cotton like fabric that has a sticky back that you can easily put on different items, such as your shoes. It is inexpensive to purchase and comes in sheets so you can cut it to literally mold inside your shoe or whatever else you want to use it for. See below how we’ve used Moleskin to take some strappy shoes from “ow” to lasting all night!


First, we figured out exactly where the moleskin needed to go in order to prevent any rubbing.


The back of the shoes was most painful so we cut a similar shape of the shoe and carefully stuck it on.


It’s so simple and easy to do and we carry it with us whenever we are wearing heels for a long period of time. This way we can stick it inside our shoes if we start to have an area of pain!

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Sass and Sweetness

Hi! We’re Sass and Sweetness, aka Christie and Samantha, two 29 year old lifelong besties living in New Jersey on a mission to live a healthy lifestyle! We love incorporating healthy living into our everyday routines, even when that everyday routine includes a glass of pinot! Most days you’ll find us working (because someone has to pay the bills), getting our fitness on, meal prepping, shopping online, and throwing together cute outfits. We started this blog simply to spend more time together and show ourselves and you that when life gives you lemons, you can still make it fun and beautiful! Thank you for stopping by!

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